Our mission is to apply computing to positively impact people's lives and to advance the craft of software development.

We are strong believers in the power of computing to serve humanity and making this world a better place. We do this by launching software products and providing development and consultancy services for interesting domains to solve challenging problems - bringing joy to people.

We have excessive desire to attain excellence in software development - always learning, applying and continuously improving ourselves. We feel ecstatic about sharing what we learn to give back to the community helping our industry improve. We do this by sharing the wisdom from real world experiences in the form of written contents and open source codes.

We always put people first and highly value honesty, commitment, minimalism and generosity.


Faisal Hasnain

Faisal fell in love with programming computers while studying in 8th grade and ever since then he has been programming for both fun and profit. He did masters in computer science and provided software development services across the 6 continents and built 100s of hard core software systems. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and passion to use computing for solving real world problems.

Zarafshan Faisal

Zarafshan got inspired by the fascinating impact of computing at her early age. After pursuing theoratical foundations of computing she immediately became software practitioner. She also holds degrees in environmental sciences and health sciences. She aims to connect the dots between computing and humanity and want to exploit technology to help people live healthy and protect this planet.