We thoughtfully chose state of the art technologies which are reliable, simple and powerful.


We heavily make use of Web technologies and extensively utilize the JavaScript ecosystem. We build Progressive Web Apps and Statically Generated Websites. Wherever needed we build mobile and desktop apps using web technologies as well to get maximum reuse.

  • Core: JavaScript ES2018+, ClojureScript, MobX, RxJS
  • Web: React, Apollo, Gatsby, Material Design, Bulma, D3
  • Apps: Cordova, Electron


We primarily use Node.js for building Web APIs in Micro-Services and Serverless architecture and deploy them either as Containers as Service or Functions as Service. We make use of DevOps practices of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery as well.

  • Node.js: Apollo GraphQL, Serverless, Fastify, Meteor, FeatherJS
  • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
  • Deployment: Now, AWS